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We are glad to offer you the purchase of pre-opened and already existing swiss companies as an additional option. Starting up your own business in Switzerland you have an opportunity to buy a swiss company as a great option especially for those people who are interested to get a fully established business with the minimum time and efforts. 

You can choose among pre-owned companies which already have some business history and completely new pre-registered companies which are ready to start their activity.
Such companies which have been registered before and had no activity are called as “shelf companies” or “aged companies”.

A company form with any type of ownership is available for being purchased.
The ready-made companies are completely prepared for doing business, each of them has its own legal address, opened corporative bank account, nominee director domiciled in Switzerland and necessary certificates and permissions. A company gets its name during the registration, and it can be changed upon the new owner’s request.

Advantages of buying the existing company

  • Available at once – compared to setting a new entity, which can last for 6-8 weeks with corporate account
  • No need of paperwork, arrangements
  • No capital and liquidity is required , while a new incorporation blocks for 3-4 weeks the paid in capital
  • Provides full anonymity, ownership privacy, confidentiality
  • Any features (name, purpose, registered office, director, etc) of the company taken over can be amended 
  • Other further benefits originating from its (mature) age

Sell a Company in Switzerland

Selling a company in Switzerland is one of the alternative ways for company liquidation. If you are intended to sell your business an experienced and professional facilitator is required. Our company provides full support for a successful procedure of selling a business. ition, the addition “AG” needs to be added to all company names. It is advised to check the intended name with the Commercial Register in advance.

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