Company Formation


Limited Liability Company

Minimum capital CHF 20000

1x Managing Director


Joint-Stock Company

Minimum capital CHF 50000

1x Managing Director

Incorporate your company in Switzerland

A swiss company formation is a suitable option for private clients, small companies and large corporations. We will set up for you a business domicile with a bank account and the associated virtual office, including the postal address and phone number. With a swiss company you can do business with clients all over the world, without having to be constantly present in Switzerland.

Time required

  • Clarification – acceptability of company name 1 to 5 days
  • Preparation of foundation documents with annexes (foundation document, Articles of Association, application to Commercial Registry, etc) 1 to 5 days
  • Clarification of domicile and auditors
  • Paying in of capital
  • Meeting of founding shareholders/members less than ½ day
  • Entry in Commercial Register 3 to 7 days

The management

A corporation is usually managed by the Board of Directors as well as the managers appointed. The people authorized to sign on behalf of the company need to be entered in the Commercial Register. The management must prepare an annual report, providing information on the progress of business, the economic as well as the financial situation and any capital increases. The General Shareholder´s Meeting must be held at least once a year.


According to the law a certain minimum structure is required when it comes to the balance sheet and income statement. It needs to comply with the principles of orderly presentation of accounts, including the completeness, clarity, materiality, prudence, continuity, etc. The company´s position shall “be able to be assessed with as much reliability as possible”.
A holding company, which exercises control over one or more companies by majority voting rights or any other way, are obliged to prepare consolidated financial statements – if it meets two of the following criteria:

  1. total assets of more than CHF 10 million
  2. turnover of more than CHF 20 million or more than 200 employees

Besides the general principles of orderly presentation of accounts, the “International Accounting Standards” or the “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles”, there are no particular consolidation rules.

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