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Forwarding letters and parcels

Postal address


Own phone number

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We manage your virtual office in Switzerland

A virtual office is a virtual headquarters for small and large companies. We set up a virtual location and the virtual office in Zurich or Zug, including the postal address and associated telephone and fax numbers. With a virtual office the company can be reached by customers anywhere, without having to be constantly present. A virtual office provides a wide range of flexible services for your company.

Your Business Address

Residing with a reputable business address in one of the best Switzerland areas, regardless wherever you are actually physically located. A presentable Business Address is an ideal precondition for your business success. Our locations are a perfect gateway to the East and an ideal platform for covering and supporting the Western- and Eastern European Markets.

Postal Address and Postal Services

Whether you like to have a prestigious return address on your letter or you simply want to save time and money, having somebody to handle all your incoming mail. Letters can be forwarded on a daily or weekly basis. Also package and courier shipments can be handled by our experienced team, which will estimate the relevance and urgency of every sending.

Telephone and Welcome Services

It does not matter where you personally go. Your customers get a good feeling that there is always someone at the other end of the line. Upon request our staff can answer all phone calls in a professional manner and free you from any undesired calls. Your virtual office and, upon request, our staff will respond quickly and reliably to all inquiries. All your Incoming calls and faxes will be promptly forwarded by E-mail (Voice mail), your faxes you will also receive by E-mail (Fax mail). Our staff will answer all phone calls in a professional manner.

Fully furnished Offices

Realize your expansion strategies from one of the best business areas in Switzerland. Select scalable office space from a variety of 15m ² to 300m ². The office space can be booked at any moment extended or reduced - to suit your business needs.
While you develop your business, your office will be specially adapted to your requirements. Our conference and lounge areas will help you to establish valuable contacts and socialize with your clients.